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NOTICE:  We've had to increase the prices of all our Night Flyers due to increases in shipping costs for the "oversize packages (almost $60 now!).  We apologize for the increase, and appreciate your understanding.


Whether  you're just getting started with flying at night or are a seasoned pro, this plane is perfect for you.  It comes already assembled  with almost 3 meters of LED Strip Lights pre-wired and ready to go.  Complete with a brushless motor and matching 30-amp ESC, and servos for both elevons, all you need to add is your receiver and the 3-cell 11.1volt Li-Po battery of your choice. Even includes a snazzy color-matched prop adapter!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Night Flyer ARFs are shipped partially assembled to reduce shipping costs.  Some assembly will be required when your plane arrives, but only a few steps will be necessary to complete it.  Instructions are included.  Shipping costs are higher on ARFs due to their larger sizes, so prices have been adjusted to allow for them.


DOWNLOADS: Night Prowler Owner's Manual

                         Night Prowler Manual (Shipping Version)

Night Prowler ARF (3-Color)

Color-Top of WIng
Color-Top of Fuse
  • The plane itself is made from 6mm Depron foam, rugged and reliable, and is a proven great-flying airframe.  It's fun and easy to fly, will zip along nicely or perform most 3D stunts with equal ease.  It comes pre-built with servos, motor, and 30amp ESC already installed.  And with almost 3 meters of LED strip lights (~1 meter each of three different colors) strategicly placed on it's surfaces, it makes one of the best night flyers you've ever flown.  Easy to see, easy to fly, you'll have no trouble getting your feet wet flying at night with this jewel.  The LED strip lights have JST connectors installed between the ESC's battery connection and the lights so you can disconnect your lights at any time for daytime flying.  Add one of our Multipurpose R/C Switches to control your lights from the transmitter, and you've got a plane that's guaranteed to turn heads at your club's field. Add your receiver, a 3-cell Li-Po of 1000-1500mAh, and the prop of your choice, and get out there and enjoy the thrill of flying after dark!


    Recommended prop sizes:
    For Speed.....9 x 6 or 10 x 5 Slow Flyer
    For 3D and easy flights......9 x 4 Slow Flyer

    Recommended Battery:

    3S 11.1 volt 1300-1500mAh Li-Po


    These ARFs are available in 4 different color combinations as pictured.  These schemes are proven arrangements that are easy to see and easy to maintain orientation at night.  Custom color arrangements can be built for you for a small additional charge, just use the Contact form to let us know what you want and we'll give you a quote ASAP.

  • Weight:  284 grams/ 1 pound

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