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The No-Spark Arming Plug & Harness is designed to eliminate the dreaded "spark" that often occurs when connecting a large 6S or bigger Li-Po to the ESC in many Giant-Scale models.  Not only is this spark annoying, it is harmful to both the connectors and the ESC, and can cause total failure of an ESC.  In addition to eliminating the spark, the Arming Plug & Harness provide a much safer, more convenient way of connecting power to a larger model, allowing you to install the battery in the model and make all the electrical connections without the danger of bumping the throttle stick and causing an unexpected motor start. 


Available in stock in 5 different versions, with the most popular connectors used on larger ESCs and batteries, Deans "T-type",  XT-60, EC3, XT90, or EC5, they can also be ordered with custom connectors like 4.0mm Banana or Anderson PowerPole connectors or with 10AWG wire by special order.  Check out the Product Detail section at right for more information on how the product works, and how it installs.  This is cheap insurance for an expensive ESC, or an even more expensive plane!


DOWNLOAD: Instruction Sheet No-Spark Arming Plug

No-Spark Arming Plug & Harness

PriceFrom $16.99
  • A lot of modelers know the aggravation of dealing with the "spark" that occurs whenever you plug a large Li-Po battery in to a large ESC, but not a lot of modelers understand how this inconvenience can actually harm your model.  First of all, the spark is the result of a surge of current that is created as the capacitors in the ESC charge up suddenly, and that surge of current will actually cause physical damage to the connectors on both the battery and the ESC.  Metel is transferred, and arcing or "welding" corrosion can often be seen on the surface of the connectors.  (See photo above)  This damage will result in loss of conductivity, loss of power, and can eventually result in the total failure of the connection.  If this happens in-flight, you lose the model.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this surge of current is accompanied by a voltage spike (it's a law of electronics), and the voltage spike can damage the ESC, including the capacitors and other components inside the ESC.  It is much more than just an aggravation, it is actually damaging to the model's electrical system!


    Our No Spark Arming Plug & Harness is designed to eliminate this problem easily and effectively.  The harness is fitted with a circuit that includes a small, push-button switch you press and hold for 4-5 seconds just before you insert the arming plug.  This allows the capacitors in the ESC to charge gradually, so that when you insert the arming plug you will experience no spark, no arcing, and no damage to your (expensive!) ESC and connectors.  The push-button switch can be left loose inside the model, or mounted on the outside of the fuse where it is easily accessible.


    No-Spark Arming Plugs are available in stock with 5 different ESC/battery connectors, or they can be customized with any connector you need.  If you select the "Other" option, please send us a note to indicate the connectors you require. 


    1. Deans-style connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    2. XT60 connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    3. EC3 connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    4. XT90 connectors / 12 gauge HD silicone cable

    5. EC5 connectors / 12 gauge HD silicone cable

    6. Other (please specify)


    All harnesses include a high-capacity Anderson "Power Pole" type connector to insert into the harness to complete the circuit to your battery.  

  • Weight:  50 grams

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