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The Pilot Head Animator is designed to be used in conjunction with a pilot figure (like those made by that has a servo in the body that moves the head left and right.  Normally, these figures are designed to be connected, using a standard servo Y, to a model’s rudder channel, so that the head moves side to side in unison with the movements of the rudder.  But when connected in this way the movements are not particularly life-like, so this circuit is designed to provide a series of random movements that are much more realistic.  It is connected between the pilot figure’s servo and the receiver, using a spare channel or connected to any active channel, and uses a program that produces random numbers, which are used to create left and right movements in differing degrees of movement, and with random pause between them.  The circuit is available in two versions, one that is active any time the receiver is powered, and second one that can be switched on/off from the transmitter.

      Connect the male servo cable to the pilot figure’s servo cable, and connect the female servo cable to the receiver in whatever channel you wish to use.  When the circuit is activated, the pilot’s head will begin to move from side to side in a random fashion.  The circuit is regulated, so it is compatible with a receiver running at any voltage from 4.8 volts to 8.4 volts, and it does not reduce the voltage going to the servo.


DOWNLOAD: Pilot Head Animator Instruction Sheet

Pilot's Head Animator

  • Weight: 9 grams

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