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These controllers are designed for use with 1/4th -1/6th scale electric retract systems using brushed motor mechanisms made by various manufacturers .  Available in two-gear or three-gear versions for models of various configurations, these controllers provide the bi-directional power to the motor that is required for correct operation.  If you need a new controler for your electric retract system, or just want a better or a more reliable controller than the one supplied with your retracts, give us a call, or use our Contact Form to give us the details, and we'll work with you to see if we can help.  In some cases we may ask that you send us one or both of your retracts to test so that we can take current measurements and modify the programming and stall points to provide a solid, reliable, and fool-proof controller for your gear.


These controllers are regulated, and can be used on receivers running any voltage, from 4.8 to 8.4 volts, including all HV receivers.  They are capable of powering retract motors that operate on almost any voltage, from 5.0 volts to 12.0 volts or more, and they use current-sensing technology that eliminates the need for micro- switches or other types of mechanical devices to indicate the end of the run.  When the retract reaches it's full up or full down position, or if it encounters an obstacle that prevents it from moving correctly, the circuit will cut power to either motor independantly, to prevent overheating of the motor's wires and/or draining of the retract's battery.  Check the Product Details section at right for more information about their operation and features.


IMPORTANT NOTE: These controllers are not compatible with electric retract systems that use a servo, or that contain their own controller circuits.  Some electric retracts that come pre-installed in the ARFs made by certain manufacturers use a controller that is made into the system and is triggered differently.  If you have a retract system that contains a built-in controller with which you are having problems, give us a call or send us a message, and we may be able to provide you with a circuit that will solve your problem.


DOWNLOAD: 1/4th-1/6th Scale Retract Controller Instruction Manual

BF2/BF3 Basic Retract Controller

PriceFrom $59.95
  • The operation of this controller is simple, and virtually automatic.  Plug the controller's servo cable into the channel you want to use to control the gear using a standard sero Y, or separately into a spare channel that is slaved to the gear channel.  When the model's receiver is turned on, the controller will attempt to lower the gear without any command from the transmitter.  This feature allows the controller to know the current position of the gear, and allows it accurately controll the postion and operation of the gear doors, the state of the landing lights, and other features (Deluxe Version Only!)


    When the "Gear Up" command is detected from the transmitter, the gear will raise, and when the circuit detects the gear have moved to the full up position, it will cut power to the motor.  This action is independent for each motor, and occurs automatically with no programming or adjustments required.  When the "Gear Down" command is given, the gear will lower in the same fashion.


    This controller is designed to be used with retract systems that utilize a separate battery (not the receiver's battery) to power the gear motors.  If your model's retracts are powered by the receiver's battery, contact us for options on a circuit that will work with your retracts.

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