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This switch is designed to allow the modeler to control multiple outputs from a single proportional receiver channel.  The outputs toggle on/off in order, but one at a time, so that no two outputs are on at the same time.  Power to the switched devices is supplied from a separate input, so there's no danger in draining your receiver's battery and causing a loss of control.  Great for lighting applications (or any other device) where the modeler needs to control the outputs individually.  As the stick, knob, or slider that is used to control the channel is advanced, the outputs are activated one at a time, in order, and the stick or knob can be moved back and forth as needed to select the output you want on, without having to return it to the center or to the "Off" position.  The last picture in the slider above is a graph that illustrates how the circuit responds to changes in the channel's position.  This switch comes complete with the matching male/female JST cables you will need to make all your connections.


This switch circuit is different from the Multi-Output R/C Switch in that the outputs are only on one at a time.  Refer to the Product Detail section at right for more specific information on how the switch works, or download the Instruction Sheet from the Multi-Output R/C Switch Product Page. (link above)


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This circuit will only work correctly when used in a proportional channel, typically channel 6 or higher.  It will not work in a standard gear channel (typically channel 5) that is non-proportional.  If you want to use it in your radio's gear channel, please consult your transmitter's manual to make sure that it can be configured as a proportional channel.


DOWNLOAD: Sequential Switch Manual

Sequential R/C Switch

  • When plugged into a proportional channel in your receiver, the Sequential R/C Switch will control the outputs as shown in the chart below:


    ATV or (Channel Setting) Function
    0% or (-100)-fully counter-clockwise

    All Outputs "OFF"

    25% or (-50) Output #1 "ON" all others "OFF"
    50% or (0)-center Output #2 "ON" all others "OFF"
    75% or (+50) Output #3 "ON" all others "OFF"
    100% or (+100)-fully clockwise Output #4 "ON" all others "OFF"


    Notice that only one output is "ON" at any time.  If you need multiple outputs "ON" at the same time, consider our Multi-Output R/C Switch.


    Outputs are rated at a maximum of 800mA each.  If you need a higher current rating, use our Contact Form to give me the details of your project, and I can modify the circuit for larger devices and greater current draws.

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