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            The Servo ATV Reducer is a simple device designed to allow you to adjust the End Points, or ATV (Adjustable Travel Volume), of any proportional servo.  It is primarily intended to make it easier to adjust the linkages of models that have more than one servo that are controlled by the same channel on the receiver, like models with multiple gear doors or models that have complicated flap systems.  By reducing the amount of travel on the servo connected to this device, you can limit the movement of a single servo, while allowing the other servos connected to the same channel greater movement.  This reduces the chances of “overdriving” a servo and damaging it, and allows for more precise adjustment of your linkages.  The small trim pot is used to reduce the ATV (Adjustabe Travel Volume), or the range, of any servo connected to it.  The range cannot be increased, or expanded, with this device, but it can be reduced from the range of movement provided by the reciever to as little as approximately 90% of the original amount.  It can be used to reduce the movement of one servo, or of multiple servos, using a standard servo Y.  The range is reduce in both directions equally, so it may be necessary to reposition your servo arm after installing this device to maintain proper movement of the servo within the new range set by the circuit.


            Important Note: This device will only function correctly when connected to a regular, proportional servo.  Standard “retract” type servos are not proportional, and their end points cannot be controlled electronically. Their design is such that they only travel from one extreme to the other, either clockwise, or counter-clockwise, and they cannot be made to stop or pause anywhere in between.  Any adjustments made to the throw of a retract servo must be made mechanically, by changing the size and/or length of the servo arm, the linkage, or the size and/or length of the control horn.


     Set the End Points/ATV necessary for the other servo or servos connected to the channel using the transmitter's menu, and then connect this device to the servo or servos you need to reduce.  Follow the instructions to adjust them as necessary for your installation.

Servo ATV (End Points) Reducer


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