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Used to secure any regular servo connection, the Servo Lead Lock is simple and easy.  Just snap it over the male and female servo leads after they have been plugged together, and this lightweight, plastic housing will prevent the connection from being pulled apart in flight due to vibration or any other unforseen force.  Great for the servo lead extensions that are often required for aileron, elevator, and rudder servos in larger planes. And it's so easy to remove that it can even be used to secure those connections that are frequently connected and disconnected, like the aileron leads on models with removable wings.


Sold in Packs of 20.  Colors may vary from picture, we'll ship whatever we have in stock at the time of the order.

Servo Lead Locks-20 Pack

  • This is one of the best, simplest, and easiest ways to secure a servo connection that I've ever found.  It fits any brand of servo connector, and stays where you put it.  I use them an ALL my models, and have never had a crash due to a servo lead coming apart in flight.   This is the cheapest insurance you can get for a model.

  • Weight:  12 grams

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