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Simply push the end of your LED strip lights into this nifty little device, and you'll have a neat, solid connection without soldering.  Makes installing LED Strip Lights onto your model much easier, and eliminates the danger of overheating a connection and causing damage to a foam plane.  These are designed for the 8mm wide strips like the ones we sell.

Solderless LED Strip Connector

  • Cut your LED Strip Lights at the desired point, between any third LED.  Cut straight across the strip, across the middle of the long copper pads, so that you are left with a pair of copper pads on each side of the cut.  Then just slide the strip into the connector, making sure to get it under the spring clips already mounted in the connector. If the polarity (+/-) appears to be reversed, you can turn the strip over to get the red wire/clip on the (+) side of the strip and the black wire on the (-) side of the strip.  Close both caps and your connections are ready to go!  If you need to make a change, just pry the cap back open and remove/replace the strip.

  • Weight:  2 grams

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