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The 5-in-1 Smart Battery Meter is designed to assist the modeler in charging and maintaining all your li-Po, Li-Ion. LiFe, Ni-Cad, and Ni-Mh battery packs by giving you the information you need to prevent the over-discharge and/or over-charging of your battery packs.  It functions as a capacity meter, a volt meter, a balancer, an internal resistance meter, and can even be used to test servos.


Check the Product Details section at right for more information about its various functions and uses.

5-in-1 Smart Battery Meter & Tester

  • Product Specifications:

    • Battery Capacity Checker 
      The 5-in-1 Smart Battery Meter can display the estimated capacity and voltage for LiPo / LiFePO4 / Li-ion / NiCd / NiMH battery packs. Use this function to quickly check if your battery requires charging before use. For LiPo/LiFePO4/Li-ion packs, it can also display the voltage of each cell, so you know when they need to be balanced.
    • Battery Balancer: 
      Optimize your battery’s performance, and extend the overall lifespan, by ensuring the individual cells are balanced.
    • Battery Discharger: 
      Discharging your battery prior to changing can improve the runtime of your battery. The 5-in-1 Smart Battery Meter can discharge lithium-based battery packs to an adjustable threshold, at the discharge rate of 180mA.

      *Note: To avoid over-heating, only discharge for up to 6 mins at a time, then pause to let the unit cool off before starting again. Do not leave your unit discharging unattended.
    • Battery Internal Resistance Tester: 
      For lithium-based battery packs, this cell meter can display the internal resistance of each individual cell, so you can evaluate the health of your battery pack and decide when to discard or replace it.
    • ESC/SERVO PPM Tester: 
      Supply a reliable PPM signal to test and adjust your servo motors.

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