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The Tenergy TB6AC+80W charger is a great, multi-chemistry charger that will charge (or discharge) almost any type of battery, and is affordable and easy to use.  With a maximum output of 80 watts, it can charge your batteries quickly and accurately, NiCad/NiMH, LiPo/Li-Ion, LiFePO4,  even lead acid batteries.  The menu is a commonly-used, easy to navigate menu that will allow you to adjust the battery's charging rates to your preferred settings, and it even remembers your settings for easy reference.  And it can be powered from either a DC power source like your car battery, or from 110 volt AC power in your home.


This charger comes with cables for powering the unit from both 11-18 volts DC, and from 110 volt AC power.  It also includes an Octopus multi-connector charge cable that includes the following charge connectors:



Mini Tamiya






DOWNLOAD: TB6AC+80W Instruction Manual

Tenergy TB6AC+80W Multi-Chemistry Charger

    • WIDE BATTERY COMPATIBILITY - One charger for all of your battery packs. Compatible with NiMH, NiCd, LiPO, Li-ion, LiFePO4, and SLA.
    • CONVENIENT CHARGER PACKAGE - Comes with an Octopus multi-charging harness and power supply. Connectors included: Tamiya, mini Tamiya, JST, HiTec, EC3, and Deans.
    • ALL IN ONE CHARGER - Perform 1-5 cycles continually to refresh and balance battery. Automatically stores the last 20 operation data. Select between fast charging or most efficient voltage for storing the batteries depending on your needs. Internal cell voltage balancer built-in for lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries so you don't need an extra balancer.
    • WIDE VOLTAGE RAGE - Compatible with many voltages for each battery type.
    • EASY TO READ LCD SCREEN - Quickly read detailed charging status and settings on the LCD screen.

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