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A good quality Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) that produces 5.0 volts DC at up to 7 amps.  Input voltage range is 5.5-33 volts DC.  This is a great way to provide the necessary 5.0 volts for many of our NavLights and other circuits that require 5.0-6.0 volts from a larger flight battery, like a 2-6s Li-Po battery. 


Comes with 12" wires on the output side, complete with a female servo connector that will plug directly into your receiver, or to the device being powered.  Input wires are bare, ready to be attached to the connector of your choice.  The input can also be wired to the back side of any ESC's connector, so that the BEC is ready to provide 5.0 volts DC as soon as the flight battery is connected to the ESC.


Weight: 15 grams

Universal 7 amp BEC (5.0 volt)

  • Weight:  15 grams

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