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A simple, easy to use volt meter that can be installed anywhere on your model to provide an instant indication of the voltage level of your receiver.  We install a pigtail that allows it to be plugged into any channel on your receiver, it can even be connected using a servo Y to a channel used for another function.  As soon as the receiver is powered, this meter will give you an extremely accurate reading of the receiver's voltage, providing an easy way to monitor the battery's condition. Resolution depends on the input voltage, for voltages less than 10.0 volts, resolution will be 1/100 volt, for voltages greater than 9.99 volts resolution will be 1/10 volt.  Better than a row of muti-colored LEDs, this meter takes up even less space.


NOTE:  Voltage range is 2.5 to 30 volts. This meter is for DC voltage only.

Volt Meter 2.5-30volt DC

  • Weight:  8 grams

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