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Quicly and easily convert your battery's connector with these handy adapters. Available in several different types and genders, they allow you to adapt the connector on your battery to match a device with a different kind of connector, without the hassle and risk of soldering a new connector onto your battery.  Quality solder joints ensure you'll get the full potential of your battery's capacity delivered to your model for maximum performance and power.


Note:  If you're unsure of which adapter you need, remember that the battery will always have a female connector, the ESC (or other device) will always have a male connector.  The gender of any electrical connector is determined by the metal (brass or nickel pins or prongs) part of the connector, NOT by the plastic shroud or housing.  The brass male connectors insert into the female connectors.  This rule is true for all electrical connectors, including those used in R/C models.

XT60 Male to EC3 Female Adapter

  • Weight:  8 grams

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