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NOTE: This is a new listing/new product.  Additional pictures will be added as soon as we can take them.   -David


This navigation light set is specifically designed for the Legend Hobby T-28 Trojan (ARF).  It features our 8mm 1/2 Watt Straw Hat LEDs, which are much brighter than the "standard" 5mm or even 8mm LEDs in lower wattage sizes.  And the 8mm LEDs feature a unique "Straw Hat" lens that speads the output of the LED in a 120 degree angle, so they are much more visible when viewed "off angle", meaning they do not have to be viewed directly from the front.


The T-28 Trojan NavLight Set features 2 Wingtip Lights (1-Red, 1-Green), 2 Simulated Rotating Beacon (Red), and 2 Landing Lights (White).  The Landing Lights, and Rotating Beacons can all be controlled from the transmitter.  The Simulated Rotating Beacon is accomplished using PWM (pulse width modulation) to make the LED look as if it is rotating.  The unit plugs into any spare channel, or can be combined with a retract or flap servos using a regular servo "Y".  High-brightness LEDs and a low-drain microcontroller circuit mean that it can be safely powered by the receiver's battery, no extra battery is required.  


Also included are 6 x Led Holders and a pair of our 6-pin MPX connectors for installations that require removal of the wing or wings.  A 3D Printed Case for the circuit board is also included.  This circuit is regulated, so it is compatible with receivers running at any voltage, including high-voltage (HV) receivers.  The LEDs are powered from your receiver, so no additional battery is necessary.


New Option: For those customers who prefer to power their NavLights from an external battery pack, we now offer an External Power Pack that can be ordered sepeartely.  It includes a 2S 7.4 volt Li-Po battery and all the cables necessary to power the circuit.  


DOWNLOAD: Legend Hobby T-28 Trojan NavLights Instruction Sheet

Legend Hobby T-28 Trojan NavLights

  • This circuit features our 8mm 1/2 Watt High-Brightness LEDs, which are made with a special 120 degree lens molded on the top of the LED to provide a much greater viewing angle than a "standard" LED.  Each of the 8mm LEDs draws about 120mA when on, however the Strobe and Rotating Beacon  LEDs draw much less because they are only on for a fraction of every two seconds, and landing light LEDs only draw full current when they are switched "on", so total current use is not excessive.  No additional battery is required, all are powered by the receiver's battery. Wire lengths are 60" for each Wingtip and Beacon LED, and 30" for each Landing Light.  All wires can be easily shortened or lengthened as needed using regular speaker or zip wire.


    This unit has 3 operating modes, allowing the Landing Lights and Beacons to be independently switched from the tranmitter using a single proportional channel (channel 6 or higher).  It also features 3 different simulated "speeds" for the rotating beacon, which are selectable via a small, push-button switch on the main circuit board. The circuit remembers the last setting chosen even after the battery has been removed from the plane.  So once you select the beacon speed you like best, you don't have to find it again the next time you fly. The 3 operating modes are:


    Mode #1-Wingtip Lights ON (the circuit enters Mode 1 as soon as the receiver is powered on.)
    Mode #2-Rotating Beacons ON
    Mode #3-All lights (Wingtip, Beacons and Landing Lights) ON

    Modes #1, #2 and #3 can be assigned to a 3-position switch for added convenience.  Consult the instruction manual for information on the % of mix necessary to use a switch.

    This set can be customized with additional tailcone lights, strobes or beacons, and if you prefer, it can be powered from an external battery.  Just use the Contact form from the top menu to provide us with the details of what you need, and we can come up with a navigation light set that's perfect for your model.

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