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Designed for modelers who only need a pair of Landing Lights, this set uses 1/2 watt 8mm High-Brightness LEDs that can be switched on/off from the transmittter.  The circuit is regulated so it will work on any receiver, even HV (high voltage) receivers using 2S or larger battery packs, so it does not require a separate voltage regulator.  The total current used by the LEDs is so slight that it is powered directly by the receiver, it does not require an additional battery.  The larger 8mm LEDs are not only much brighter than our "standard" 5mm LEDs, they also look much more scale-like on today's larger, giant-scale models.


Wire length is 30 inches on each LED, and wires can easily be shortened or lengthened as necessary using ordinary zip or speaker wire..


This circuit is now available in TWO versions, a "standard" version, in which the LEDs simply come on and off like normal landing lights, and a new "Wig-Wag" version, which features the back-and-forth pulsing pattern common on many float planes like the DeHavilland Beaver and the Piper Bushmaster.


A great addition to any model, especially scale models and Warbirds.  And the Wig-Wag version is especially nice for float planes like the DeHavilland Beaver or the Cessna Bushmaster!


DOWNLOAD: Landing Lights-8mm Giant Scale Manual- Standard

                       Landing Lights-8mm Giant Scale Manual- Wig-Wag

Landing Lights-8mm (Giant Scale)

  • Weight:  26 grams

  • The shape of these LEDs is a little different, (sometimes called "straw-hat" style), they feature a lens that is molded around the LED's junction that provides a 120 degree viewing angle, which means they can be seen much better from any angle, as opposed to those LEDs that appear bright only when viewed directly from the front.  Comes with black plastic holders for the LEDs to make a nice, clean installation, and is easy to install and use, even on an ARF.  Wire length is 30" on each LED, and wires can be easily shortened or lengthened as needed using regular speaker or zip wire.


    To make the set compatible with models that already have flaps and/or retracts installed, a small jumper on the main circuit board allows you to reverse the direction of the circuit, so you can make the on/off state of the LEDs match your existing channel's programming.  It can be plugged into a spare channel or combined with flaps servos or retract controllers using a standard sevo "Y" .

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