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Anyone who has flown an electric-powered model knows the risks and dangers associated with an unexpected motor start.  On most models, once the flight battery has been connected, the ESC is armed and the motor is ready to turn at the slightlest bump of the throttle stick.  This can create a dangerous situation with any model, especially in those situations where a hatch, cover, or canopy must be secured over the battery before the model can be flown.  Arming Plugs reduce the chance of an unexpected motor start, and the serious injury that can result from it, by preventing the battery circuit from being completed until the arming plug has been inserted.  By locating the connector for the arming plug in a convenient place on the outside of the model, the Arming Plug and Harness makes it possible to make the final connection of the flight battery the last thing you do before you taxi onto the runway.  These Arming Plugs and Harnesses are available in stock with 5 different connectors to accomodate various ESCs and batteries, and can be customized with others on request.  Check the Product Details at right for more information.


If you'd like something that provides even more protection against unexpected motor starts, and that can eliminate the need for an Arming Plug altogether, please consider our Patented SafeStart system available here.  


DOWNLOAD: Instruction Manual Arming Plug & Harness

Arming Plug and Harness

PriceFrom $9.99
  • These Arming Plugs are available in stock with 5 different ESC/battery connectors, or they can be customized with any connector you need.  If you select the "Other" option, please send us a note to indicate the connectors you require. 


    1. Deans-style connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    2. XT60 connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    3. EC3 connectors / 14 gauge HD silicone cable

    4. XT90 connectors / 12 gauge HD silicone cable

    5. EC5 connectors / 12 gauge HD silicone cable

    6. Other (please specify)


    All harnesses include a high-capacity Anderson "Power Pole" type connector to insert into the harness to complete the circuit to your battery.  

  • Weight: Deans 28 grams

                   XT60 32 grams

                   EC3 35 grams

                   XT90 38 grams

                   EC5 38 grams

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