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The Servo Y with Trim Pot is designed to allow two servos to be connected together into a single channel on your receiver, while providing a way to make fine adjustments to the center position of the second servo.  Using a small trim pot, the modeler can match the center position of the two servos, much like the use of "subtrim" does in the transmitter, but still use a single channel for both servos.  Especially useful when using flap servos that do not need to be reversed, or when using two independent elevator servos on models that have separate elevator halves.


The servo's current and voltage are not affected in any way by this circuit, both go straight through with no reduction, only the signal is affected.  Made with heavy-duty 22AWG wire, these servo Ys are suitable for use with larger, digital and coreless servos that have high current draws.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  New for 2021!  To reduce its size and cost, this device is now produced using SMD parts (Surface Mounted Device).  As a result, we no longer offer it in  an unregulated version.  The price has been reduced from $20 (standard) and $25 (regulated)  to just $16.99, so if you've ordered the unregulated "standard" version in the past, just order this one. This model replaces both of the previous units we sold.  The programming and circuit are exactly the same, only the type of parts used in production has changed.


NOTE:  This product is NOT a reverser.  If you need to reverse a servo, use the Servo Reverser with Trim Pot.


DOWNLOAD: Servo Y w/Trim Pot Manual

Servo "Y" with Trim Pot

  • Pluged directly into your receiver, this device allows two servos to rotate in the same direction, but still be plugged into and controlled from a single channel in your receiver.  

    This device will eliminate the need to mix 2 channels on your radio just to control your flaps or dual elevator servos, freeing up that extra channel for other uses. Simply plug both servos into this device, and adjust the trim pot near the top of the circuit board to make the arm on the second servo match the position of the other servo precisely.  The pot can only be used to move the second servo's position a few degrees, so it may be necessary to reposition the servo arm on the next spline to acheive the best results.  The trim pot allows you to make very small movements to the second servo's position independantly of the opposite servo, which will make it much easier to eliminate the binding or "buzzing" that can drain your battery quickly and may damage your servo permanetly.

  • Weight:  10 grams

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