This simple device can make the difficult installation of flaps or retracts a breeze.  When inserted between the receiver and a servo, it will reverse the rotation of any servo.  Works on any kind or type of servo.  This is the deluxe version, and includes a small trim pot on the ciruit board that allows you to make very fine adjustments to the center position of the reversed servo. 


The servo's current and voltage are not affected in any way by this circuit, both go straight through with no reduction, only the signal is affected.  Made with heavy-duty 22AWG wire, these reversers are suitable for use with larger, digital and coreless servos that have high current draws.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Two versions are now available, the "standard" version is the correct choice for models that have a standard ESC or BEC and a receiver voltage of 5.0-6.0 volts.  If you have a HV (high-voltage) receiver and are using a 2-cell LiFe/Li-Ion/Li-Po battery (or larger), please select the "high-voltage" version from the drop-down menu above.


DOWNLOAD: Servo Reverser w/Trim Pot Manual

Servo Reversing "Y" with Trim Pot

PriceFrom $20.00
  • Pluged directly into your receiver, this device allows two servos to rotate in opposite directions, but still be plugged into and controlled from a single channel in your receiver.  Eliminates the need for more expensive servos that rotate in the opposite direction, and simplifies the often difficult and confusing task of installing flaps.


    This device will eliminate the need to mix 2 channels on your radio just to control your flaps, freeing up that extra channel for other uses. Simply plug both servos into this device, and adjust the trim pot near the top of the circuit board to make the arm on the reversed servo match the position of the other servo precisely.  The pot can only be used to move the reversed servo's position a few degrees, so it may be necessary to reposition the servo arm on the next spline to acheive the best results.  The trim pot allows you to make very small movements to the reversed servo's position independently of the opposite servo, which will make it much easier to eliminate the binding or "buzzing" that can drain your battery quickly and may damage your servo permanetly.


    Note:  This device is intended for use with regular, proportional servos ONLY.  It will not work correctly with a retract-type servo, as they do not recognize small adjustments to their positions.  If you need to reverse a retract servo, use our Simple Servo Reverser available here.

  • Weight:  10 grams