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This is the large-scale version of one our oldest and best selling NavLight Sets. The 8mm LEDS are much brighter, due in part to the fact that they use about 5 times as much current (120mA) as the smaller 5mm LEDs (25mA).  Yet the total current draw of the set is still not enough to require a separate battery, less than 750 mA with everything "on", including Landing Lights!  And the 8mm LEDs feature a unique "Straw Hat" lens that speads the output of the LED in a 120 degree angle, so they are much more visible when viewed off angle, meaning they do not have to be viewed directly from the front.


Features 2 Wingtip Lights (1-Red, 1-Green), 2 Landing Lights (White), 2 Asynchronous Strobes (2-White or 1-White/1-Red), as well as a servo speed reducer that will slow the movement of any proportional servo for more realistic, scale-like movement of flaps or even retracts. Unit plugs into any spare channel, or can be combined with retracts or flap servos using a regular servo "Y". High-brightness LEDs and a low-drain microcontroller circuit mean that it can be safely powered by the receiver's battery, no extra battery is required.


New Option: For those customers who prefer to power their NavLights from an external battery pack, we now offer an External Power Pack that can be ordered sepeartely.  It includes a 2S 7.4 volt Li-Po battery and all the cables necessary to power the circuit.  


Click here for a short demostration video.  Click here for a demo of the Servo Slow Down function.


DOWNLOAD: Ultimate NavLights (Giant Scale) Manual

Ultimate NavLights-8mm (Giant Scale)

  • All of the new 8mm NavLight Sets feature an on-board regulator, so they can be used with any receiver, any size receiver battery, including HV (high voltage) systems.  No need for a seperate BEC, the circuit will accept whatever voltage you may have coming from your receiver.  The larger, brighter 8mm LEDs look much more scale-like on today's larger models, and each set comes with black plastic holders for the LEDs, as well as a pair of our 6-pin connectors that can be easily installed at any place in the wiring to allow for easy removal of a wing or wing halves.


    Wire lengths are 60" each for Wingtip LED and Strobe LED, 30" on each Landing Light LED, and any of the wires can be shortened or lengthened as needed using regular speaker or zip wire.  Unit plugs directly into your receiver, using any spare channel, or in flap or gear channels using a servo "Y". and Strobe LED.


    The Ultimate NavLights feature 2 special features not found on my other NavLight circuits.  First is the servo speed reducing feature, which slows the movement of any proportional servo to make the movement of flaps or retracts more scale-like.  Second is the use of 2 separate strobe circuits, which provides you with strobes that each double-blink independently of one another in an asychronous pattern.  The 2 Wingtip Lights and the both Strobes come on as soon as the receiver is powered "ON", while the 2 white Landing Lights come on as soon as the channel is toggled to lower flaps or retracts. Action of the Landing Lights is reversable via a small jumper on the circuit board.  Instructions are included for easy installation and use.


    IMPORTANT NOTE:  The servo slow down function of this device will only work on a regular, proportional servo.  It will NOT work on a retract-type servo, as they do not recognize any servo positions other than clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW).  Retract servos cannot be slowed down, even by transmitters that include this function, as their design and electronics do not allow it. Check the FAQ page for more information on servo speed reduction.

  • Weight:  65 grams

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