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An easy way to add some color to drones and multirotors.  There are three (3) LEDs of each of four (4) colors, White, Red, Green, and Blue.  You just snap the four sections apart, and install them with tape or glue to the ends of the drone's arms, and connect them to the drone's power distribution board.  Voltage required is 12 volts, so your drone must have a 3S or larger battery.  For larger batteries, we recommend using one of our 7A BECs, or one of our Adjustable Voltage Regulators to reduce the voltage to the necessary 12 volts.


NOTE:  Polarity marklings are on each end of each of the four (4) strips.  They're small and hard to see, but they are there.  Wires are soldered to the tiny solder spots on each end of the strips.

Drone LEDs

  • Weight:  2 grams

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