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The FeatherLite Basic Heli Navlights is designed for small, indoor-type Helicopters that do not have a reciever with any extra channels or slots for powering additional servos or accessories.  It requires no signal from the receiver, and it is powered directly from the flight battery by connecting it to the battery's balance tap connector.  In addition, to reduce weight and prevent it from affecting the heli's performance negatively, it uses 3mm LEDs and 30 gauge wire, adding only 5 grams of additional weight to the model.  The Basic Heli NavLights includes three LEDs, two white LEDs and one red LED.  The LEDs can be mounted anywhere on the model you prefer, using hot glue, zip ties, or whatever mounting method you like, and all three will come on as soon as the power cable is plugged into the main battery's balance tap connector.  Wire lengths on all LEDS are 12".


The FeatherLite Basic Heli NavLights is available in two versions, one for models that use a 2S (7.4 volt) Li-Po or Li-Ion battery, and the other for models that use a 3S (11.1 volt) Li-po or Li-Ion battery.


Note: We can customise this circuit with other options, like strobes and/or rotating beacons, and landing lights.  Use our Contact Form and let us know if you'd like a quote on a custom set of Heli Navigation Lights.


DOWNLOAD: FeatherLite Basic Heli NavLights Instruction Manual

FeatherLite Basic Heli NavLights


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