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Product Specifications:

- Capacity: 2500mAh
- Voltage: 7.4V / 2S2P / 4 Cell
- Weight: 97.5g
- Size: 57mm x 30mm x 30.3mm (L x W x H)
- Connector Type: Universal (JR) Servo and JST-XH balance connector

7.4 volt 2S2P 2500mAh Li-Po Rx Battery-GensAce Brand

  • Designed primarily for use as a receiver battery, this 4-cell Li-Po is a great choice for receivers that are made to work with high-voltage (HV) batteries, i.e. receivers rated for use with 4.8-8.4 volts DC.  The construction of this pack is unusual, although it is made up of four individual cells, the cells are wired together in series and in parallel, to provide twice the current capacity while keeping the pack's voltage at 7.4 volts. Two pairs of cells are wired in series, then those two pairs are wired in parallel, providing twice the capacity without doubling the voltage.  The balance tap and output wires are attached so that you can charge and balance this pack just like any other Li-Po.  The output wires are attached to a standard servo connector, so it can be plugged directly into the battery port of any receiver.  This pack gives you all the advantages of a Li-Po receiver battery, in a compact, lightweight, and convenient pack.  It's especailly well-suited for mounting inside a fuselage, because the square, compact shape is easy to fit in tight spaces.


    NOTE: If you want to use this battery pack on a non-HV receiver (any receiver made for 4.8-6.0 volts DC) and standard servos, you'll need to use a Voltage Regulator like our 7-amp Adjustable Voltage Regulator, you can view it here.

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