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A convenient combination of on/off switch, charge jack, and indicator light, this version of our popular switches features 18 gauge wire and EC3 connectors, making it compatible with many of the newer Spektrum receivers.  It comes ready to install with a backplate and mounting screws, and includes a sliding cover to keep dirt and grass out of the charging jack.  Designed for larger, giant-scale planes, the heavy-gauge wire and connectors will handle the larger current demands of digital and high-torque servos.

HD Switch w/EC3 Connectors (Spektrum)

  • This heavy duty switch will connect directly to Li-Po or Li-Ion battery packs with Deans connectors, or to the power matching systems used in many larger, giant-scale planes.  It features an internal charging jack that allows you to charge your plane's battery without removing wings or other components.  The charge jack opening is covered by a small door that slides over it to keep out dirt and fuel, and a small 3mm LED (green) indicates when the switch is "ON".   There's even a small ridge molded into the housing next to the slide switch itself that makes it difficult to accidentally turn the switch off if it's bumped or if it brushes against something. 

    I disassembled this switch to inspect its internal design before I decided to sell it, and was surprised at how well it is constructed.  For those of you who are familiar with electronic terms and devices, you'll be interested to know that the switch itself is a double-pole, double-throw slide switch.  That means that the switch has two independent set of contacts inside it that close/open as the switch is moved, which gives the modeler a redundant feature that's built in to the switch itself.  Instead of relying on a single set of contacts that can fail or get dirty, this switch gives you the peace of mind of having a pair of contacts providing power to the model, all in a single switch package.

    This switch can be used as the main On/Off switch for a model's radio system, or to control the power going to any other device in a plane, like our On-Board Glow driver, or the LED Light Strips used for night flying.

    The backplate serves as a perfect template for cutting the proper size mounting hole.  Check the last picture in the group below for switch dimensions.


    We highly recommend a servo lead lock on all battery connections!

  • Weight:  24 grams

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