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For those models like gliders or trainers that simply need a single strobe for visual recognition, or scale models that need a single strobe for scale accuracy, this circuit uses a single LED that can be set to blink at either a single (~1HTz) blink, or a quick double blink that can be switched on/off from the transmitter.  Now available with three different size LEDs (5mm, 8mm, or 1-watt emitter), to make it compatible with models ranging from small indoor flyers to larger scale models and gliders.


Select your LED size from the drop-down menu at right.  The 5mm LED is scale for indoor flyers and models up tp approx 48 inch wingspan, the 8mm Straw Hat LEDs are best for giant-scale models.  The 1-watt emitter can be used on any model (it is relatively small), and is very bright, but unless it can be embedded into foam, it will need to be installed under a dome or lens of some kind.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This circuit is now regulated for use with any receiver voltage, including 7.4 volt LiPos and Li-Ion packs.  It does not require a separate regulator.


DOWNLOAD: High-Power Strobe Manual

Strobe-Single & Double Blink

PriceFrom $19.99
LED Color
  • Weight:  10 grams

  • Plug the servo cable into any spare channel in your receiver, and program the switch of your choice on the transmiiter to switch it on/off.  The small red switch on the main circuit board is the Mode Select Switch, and is used to select the single or double blink option.  (Once the Mode Select Switch has been changed, you will have to toggle the LED off and back on again for the change to take effect)  The LED can be installed in whatever manner is best for your particular model, including embedding it foam or balsa, or mounting it behind a lens or cover.   Because the strobe is only "on" for a fraction of a second each time it blinks, it runs off the receiver's battery and requires no additional battery or power source, and it doesn't generate sufficient heat to require any additional cooling.

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