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Lock-It Servo Cables feature a unique "hook" molded into the shroud that covers the male pins that provides a secure connection to the female servo connector plugged into it.  They eliminate the need for a separate servo lead lock or clip, and are compatible with any brand or type of female connector, including Futaba, JR. Spektrum, and others.  The hook holds the connectors together snugly for a safe, reliable connection, but is easy to lift for disconnecting cables when necessary.  Terminals are machine-crimped for solid and reliable performance.  Available in most popular sizes, including servo Ys, and in various wire gauges, these are the finest servo cables you can buy.


All of our Servo Y cables are now 22AWG.

Lock-It Servo Y

PriceFrom $1.50
  • Lock-It Servo Cables are fully compatible with all other brands and types of servo cables, and are custom made to our specifications.  We use a unique "hooked" shroud on our male connector that also includes the slot necessary to fit the "tab" found on Futaba-brand female connectors, and it will also accept the universal "beveled" female connector found on most other brands.  Likewise, we use the universal beveled female (rather than the tabbed Futaba female) which allows our servo cables to mate perfectly with either type of connector, and on either end.  These are the ONLY true "universal" servo cables on the market, eliminating the need to keep different servo cables around for use with various brands or types of servos and receivers.  Keep a good supply of our Lock-It Servo Cables in stock and you'll always have a cable to fit whatever your needs!

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