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Designed for very large-scale models, our new line of Monster NavLights utilizes many of the same basic circuits as our 5mm and 8mm NavLights, but features the much larger G4-type Automotive LED bulbs that produce much more light output and look much more scale in 40% and larger models.  The circuit can be customized to provide a wide variety of solid lights, strobes, simulated rotating beacons, and landing lights, and even includes the ability to choose from single or double-blink strobes, and 2 or more speeds for the simulated rotating beacon, using a small push-button switch located on the main circuit board.  The circuit is regulated for use with any receiver, including high-voltage receivers using 2s Li-Po/Li-Ion/LiFE battery packs, and the LEDs are powered externally with a 3s 11.1 volt battery.  It features 3 modes that are selectable from the transmitter, giving you complete control of all your lights.  Mode #1 = All Lights Off, Mode #2 = All Lights except Landing Lights On, and Mode #3 = All Lights including Landing Lights On.  Additional modes can be added to provide even greater control over the strobes and beacon, just contact us with your requirements before ordering.


The LED bulbs used in our Monster NavLights are very different from the traditional LEDs used on our smaller NavLight sets, and offer several advantages over the filament bulbs used for large-scale models by some other vendors.  These LEDs are extremely bright, yet they do not produce heat like a filament bulb of comparable size and output.  Each bulb contains 48 discrete LED chips wired together in parallel and in series combinations, all are encased in a semi-hard clear silicone housing,   The housing is not soft, but it is not so hard as to make it susceptible to cracking.  And the design of the bulb produces very little heat when on, they get only slightly warm to the touch.  Another big advantage is that there is no filament to vibrate and break, so they are not affected by the vibration of a large gas engine.  And since they use LEDs, the current draw on these bulbs is much, much less than a conventional automotive-style filament bulb.  While most filament bulbs will draw 2-3 amps per bulb, these LED bulbs draw between 100 and 160mA each (depending on color), making it possible to power 10 of them with less battery power than a single filament-type bulb would require!


DOWNLOAD: Monster NavLights Instruction Manual

Monster NavLights

  • The LED bulbs used in the Monster Navlights are very different from the "traditional" LEDs we use in all of our other navigation light sets, and will be the biggest challenge for the modeler in installing these light sets.  Since they are designed to plug into a simple 2-pin socket, mounting the bulbs will be up to the creativity of the modeler.  Generally, they are intended to be placed behind a lens or a clear window in the wingtips and other locations on, or in the model.  

    Circuit operation is simple, just connect the servo-type wire to the receiver in the channel you wish to use to control the circuit, and connect a 3s 11.1 volt Li-Po battery pack to the red JST connector coming from the board. (Adapters are available to convert from the JST to any other size/type battery connector).  You can control the 3 modes from your transmitter using a knob or slider, or program a series of mixes to utilize a 3-position switch.

    SInce these LED bulbs do not require an external current-limiting resistor, you can change the color bulb that is connected to any of the circuit's outputs at any time and in any way you prefer.  For example, if you decide you would like to have a red strobe instead of a white one, all you have to do is replace the bulb, no other changes are necessary.

    As mentioned earlier, since these LED bulbs are designed for automotive use, they require (approx) 12 volts DC to operate, so this circuit is powered by an external battery rather than from the receiver's battery.  You can use any 3s 11.1 volt Li-Po of at least 2200mA, we carry several that will work well with this set.  The circuit and the programming used are both customizable, so if you have any specific needs just give us a call and let us know how we can help.


    This set includes two Wingtip Lights (1 x red/1 x green), two Wingtip Strobes (white), one Simulated Rotating Beacon (red), one Tailcone Strobe (white), and two Landing Lights (white).  However, it is highly customizable, so if you need a different arrangement of lights, colors, and/or functions, just give us a call.  We'll design a set that fits your needs precisely.

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