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These Multi-Servo Harnesses are designed to provide safe and reliable connections for wings and/or other situations that require quick and easy disconnects for multiple servos.  A heavy-duty, multi-pin connector allows for a single point of connection, making it much easier to remove the wings on a large model that utilizes two or more servos per wing.  The main connector is made of nylon, and includes pins for each servo's signal wires, as well as a pair of 3.5mm barrel connectors that are used to carry the (+) and (-) power for all of the servos.  The main connector is polarized, and features "ears" on each side that can be used to mount either half to the wing root or to the fuselage.  The ears also make it very easy to grip, and the connector is made so that it fits together very snugly, eliminating the need for cumbersome locking clips or mechanisms.  All connections are gold-plated for reliable conduction, all connections to the main connector are soldered, and the servo cables attached to each half are made using 20AWG copper servo wire, so they are suitable for use with heavy-duty, high-current servos, including digital coreless HV servos.  Servo Cables are universal, with Futaba male and JR/Spektrum female connectors, allowing them to be used with any combination of servos, cables, and other connectors, and they include a locking hook (male side) that prevents them from vibrating loose once connected.


Available in either two (2), three (3), or four (4) servo versions, these harnesses not only make it easier to assemble your model, but once installed correctly they will eliminate the danger of plugging servos into the wrong connectors and risking the loss of your aircraft.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Prices are for one harness, i.e. one male/female pair.  For a normal aircraft installation, you'll need to order two harnesses per model.


DOWNLOAD:  Multi-Servo Harness Instruction Manual

Multi-Servo Harness- 2 / 3 / and 4-servo

PriceFrom $18.99
  • Servo Cables are 6" long, overall harness length is approximately 12".

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