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Designed specifically for the Legacy Series 65" and 84" Bushmaster Turbo ARFs made by Extreme Flight, this NavLight Set includes everything you need to add scale realism to your model.  Made using our new line of 8mm "Straw Hat"-type, high-brightness 1/2 watt LEDs, it features 2 Wingtip Lights (1 x Green, 1 x Red), 2 Anti-Collision Double-Blink Strobes (White), 1 Solid Tailcone Light (White), 1 Simulated Rotating Beacon (Red), and 2 Landing Lights (White).  The White Anti-Collision Strobes blink in an asynchronous (alternating) pattern, while the Landing Lights pulse back and forth in what is usually referred to as a "Wig-Wag" pattern, something that is unique to many float planes like the Beaver and the Bushmaster.  This unit connects directly to your receiver, and even though these are some of the brightest LEDs for their size that you'll find anywhere, they still do not draw enough current to require a separate battery.  This set also comes with LED holders and a pair of our 6-pin connectors for wing disconnects.


This circuit has been improved for 2021 with the addition of two new options!  The Simulated Rotating Beacon can now be set to one of 3 different "speeds" (slow, normal, or fast), using a small pushbutton switch located on the main circuit board, and you now have the option of ordering this set with either the "Wig-Wag" landing lights that are common for aircraft that land on water, or "Standard" landing lights that come on like the normal landing lights found on most other types of aircraft.  Use the drop-down menu located in the upper right-hand side of the page, just above the "Quantity" area, to select the landing light pattern you prefer.


New Option: For those customers who prefer to power their NavLights from an external battery pack, we now offer an External Power Pack that can be ordered sepeartely.  It includes a 2S 7.4 volt Li-Po battery and all the cables necessary to power the circuit.  


Check our "Videos" page under "Navigation Lights" for a short demonstration video!


DOWNLOAD: BushMaster NavLights Instruction Manual

NavLights for Extreme Flight BushMaster

  • All of the new 8mm NavLight Sets feature an on-board regulator, so they can be used with any receiver, any size receiver battery, including HV (high voltage) systems.  No need for a seperate BEC, the circuit will accept whatever voltage you may have coming from your receiver.  The larger, brighter 8mm LEDs look much more scale-like on today's larger models, and each set comes with black plastic holders for the LEDs, as well as a pair of our 6-pin connectors that can be easily installed at any place in the wiring to allow for easy removal of a wing or wing halves.


    This unit features 3 modes of operation:


    Mode 1:  All Lights OFF

    Mode 2:  Wingtip, Anti-Collision, Tail Cone, and Beacon ON

    Mode 3:  Landing Lights ON


    The three modes can easily be programmed to be activated by a 3-position switch on your transmitter, or can be selected by a knob or slider if you prefer.  Programming is done just like a servo device, as the channel is moved from one side (or point) to the other, the modes change from 1-2-3, 3-2-1 as normal.


    Wire lengths are 60" on the two Wingtip LEDs, the two Anti-Collision Strobe LEDs and the Rotating Beacon LED, 72" on the Tail Cone LED, and 30" on each Landing Light LED.   All wires can be easily shortened or lengthened as needed using regular speaker or zip wire.


    If you need longer wire lengths, or any other modification or custom feature, just use the Contact Form to let us know what you need and we'll be happy to work with you to get you the exact NavLight Set you need.

  • Weight: 80 grams

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