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This is a special version of our All-in-1 NavLights, designed specifically for use in "static" models like wooden pedal planes.  It does not require a signal from a radio system to operate, but is instead a stand-alone circuit, and it includes everything you need to install lights in your child's pedal plane kit.  It includes two wingtip lights (1 x red/1 x green), a white strobe, a red simulated rotating beacon, and a pair of white landing lights.  The action of the strobe and beacon are adjustable, allowing for a  single, double, or triple-blink strobe, and for two different speeds of the simulated rotating beacon.  The kit includes a 2-cell Li-Ion battery pack that has a safe-charge protection circuit built into the pack, as well as a Smart Charger that will charge the battery automatically, just plug it in.  Also included is an illuminated Main Power Switch, and an additional toggle switch that allows you to turn the landing lights on/off from the "cockpit".


The lights used in this kit are high brightness 8mm Straw-Hat LEDs, they are very visible and very durable.  Unlike filament-type bulbs, LEDs are not subject to vibration or the kind of rough handling you can expect from a child's toy, and have a life-span of 50-100 thousand operating hours.  Wire lengths are 60" on wingtip, strobe, and beacon LEDs, and 30" each on the landing light LEDs.  Longer wires, additional LEDs, and other custom features are easily added, just give us a call or use the Contact Form to let us know what you need.


Replacement (Spare) Parts:


2S Li-Ion Smart Battery (Replacement  Pack)

Tenergy TLP-4000 Smart Charger (Replacement)


DOWNLOAD: Pedal Plane Navigation Lights Instruction Sheet

Pedal Plane Light Kit


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