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SafeStart is a small, easy to install device designed specifically for electric models, to prevent the accidents and injuries associated with an unexpected motor start.  It connects between the ESC and the receiver's throttle channel, and it blocks any throttle output to the ESC until your hand and fingers are safely away from the prop and you are ready to fly.  Once activated, it sends your radio's throttle stick position to the ESC instantly, giving you full control of the motor as usual.  But SafeStart is still looking out for you, even after you have landed, by monitoring the radio's throttle channel for a valid signal. In the event that the transmitter's signal is lost, as happens if you turn your radio off before the flight battery has been disconnected, SafeStart will instantly disable the motor by sending a signal to the ESC which holds the motor in the "stop" or off position.  An LED provides an indicator of the current mode of operation, so you can tell at a glance if the throttle is active or not.  


Check out the "Product Details" section (at right) for more information on what it does and how it works. SafeStart is a smart addition to any electric-powered model, and may save you a trip to the emergency room!


Click here to view the video review of SafeStart by RC Universe.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Two versions are now available, the "standard" version is the correct choice for models that have a standard ESC or BEC and a receiver voltage of 5.0-6.0 volts.  If you have a HV (high-voltage) receiver and are using a 2-cell LiFe/Li-Ion/Li-Po battery (or larger), please select the "high-voltage" version from the drop-down menu above.


DOWNLOADS:  SafeStart User Manual

                         SafeStart Installation Instructions

SafeStart (Safe Start)

PriceFrom $35.00
  • The SafeStart system consists of two small printed circuit boards, the Main Circuit Board, and the Mode Switch, which are wired together via a 4-wire cable, and are connected to the model's radio system between the receiver and the ESC.  It works on both 72 MHz and 2.4 GHz receivers, and with any brand, Futaba, JR, Hitec, and Spektrum.  (Currently not compatible with Futaba S-Bus systems).


    The Main Circuit Board can be mounted anywhere inside the model that is convenient, and the Mode Switch should be mounted so that it protrudes slightly from the fuselage, in a location that is easy to access once the model is fully assembled and ready to fly.  When the flight battery is connected, SafeStart takes control of the throttle channel, and prevents any accidental movement of the throttle stick from causing an unwanted motor start.  All other control surfaces are activated as normal, allowing trim adjustments to be made in absolute safety from an unexpected prop strike.  Once you are ready to fly, press and hold the Mode Switch, and SafeStart will return normal control of the throttle stick.  After your flight, or at any time, in case of emergency, pressing the Mode Switch again will immediately stop the motor and make the throttle stick unresponsive again, and the ESC will be held in the "STOP" mode until the battery has been disconnected and re-connected.


    For more detailed information on exactly how the SafeStart system operates, refer to the "Manuals/Servo & Scale" page to download a copy of the owner's manual, and a set of Installation Instructions that will give you an idea of how easy the system is to install in a typical electric model. 



  • Weight:  14 grams

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