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Our Turbine Tester is designed to make the testing and running of a turbine engine while mounted on a bench or test stand much easier by eliminating the need for a working and bound transmitter and receiver, and by automating the actions required to initiate the turbine's spool-up sequence.  It works by sending the same signals to the engine's Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that would normally be provided by the radio system, and gives you complete control of the engine in exactly the same way you'd have with the transmitter.  It can be powered by the ESC's on-board Battery Eliminating Circuit (BEC), or by a separate battery or power pack for those ESC's that do not include a BEC.  The circuit is regulated, and input voltage to the unit can range from 5.0-15 volts, so the battery used to power it can be anything from a 4-cell 4.8 volt Ni-MH pack up to a 2 or 3-cell Li-Po/LiFe battery pack. 


Note: This device is designed to replace the Wren Turbine Tester that is no longer in production.


Check the Product Details section at right for specific information on how it works, or download the Instruction Manual below.


DOWNLOAD: Turbine Tester Instruction Manual

Turbine Tester

  • The Main Control Knob is used to simulate the action of the transmitter's throttle stick, and the slide switch on the right is used to simulate the action of the transmitter's throttle trim.  When the Main Control Knob is rotated fully counterclockwise (CCW), and the Trim Switch is "Off" (down), the output to the ESC is Low Throttle/Off.  Move the Trim Switch to the "On" (up) position, (the green LED will be on) and the output to the ESC will increase slightly to emulate the transmitter's throttle trim being advanced to the high trim position.  This will initiate the engine's start-up sequence.  The Main Control Knob will now allow you to speed up or slow the engine just as you would with the transmitter's throttle stick.  When you're ready to shut the engine down, turn the Main Control Knob back to the fully CCW position, and move the Trim Switch to the "Off" (down) position.  The turbine will spool down and shut off.

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