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The Warbird Formation Lights is designed to provide modelers with a set of three colored lights, all of which can be controlled by the transmitter, that replicate the formation lights found on the bottoms of many WWII warbirds.  The three lights are Yellow, and Blue, and red, and they can be switched on/off sequentially, in four distinct modes.  The lights utilize a 5mm LED that is mounted inside a chrome-plated holder with a flat top,  that is threaded along the length of the barrel, so it can be installed in a flat surface, like the bottom of a wing or panel.  The 5mm LEDs have a very low current draw, so this circuit is powered directly from the receiver, and requires no additional battery or power source.


The four modes available are:

Mode #1 = All Lights Off

Mode #2 = Formation Light #1 On (yellow)

Mode #3 = Formation Lights #1 + #2 On (yellow & blue)

Mode #4 = Formation Lights #1 + #2 + #3 On (yellow, blue, and red)


The LEDs connect to the control board with a small, 2-pin servo-type connector, and they can be connected to the circuit's outputs in any order, so you can re-arrange them to come on/off in any order you prefer.  Wire lengths on each LED are approximately 44", and can be extended using any small-gauge wire, or the circuit can be ordered with longer wires as necessary.  Once you have the lights connected to the board in the order you like, you may want to install a 6-pin Multi-Plex Connector to the wires near the wing's root, to make wing removal easier.


Check out the short video above, it's the last image in the string of thumbnails under the main image.


DOWNLOAD: Warbird Formation Lights Instruction Manual

Warbird Formation Lights


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