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Features 2 Wingtip Lights (1-Red, 1-Green), 2 Landing Lights (White), and 1 Simulated Rotating Beacon (White or Red).  All lights can be controlled from the transmitter.  The Simulated Rotating Beacon is accomplished using PWM (pulse width modulation) to make the LED look as if it is rotating.  Unit plugs into any spare channel, or can be combined with a retract or flap servos using a regular servo wye.  High-brightness LEDs and a low-drain microcontroller circuit mean that it can be safely powered by the receiver's battery, no extra battery is required.  


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This circuit is NOT regulated, it is designed to operate on a receiver that powered by either a 4-5 cell Ni-MH pack, or a 5.0 volt BEC or ESC with an on-board BEC.  If you are using it on an HV (high voltage) receiver powered by a 2S (or larger) Li-Po/Li-Ion/LiFe, you will need a separate 5.0 volt BEC or a 5.0 volt DC regulator.  Both are available in our store, just click the links provided.


Check our "Videos" page under "Navigation Lights" for a short demonstration video!



DOWNLOAD: Deluxe NavLights w/Beacon Manual

Deluxe NavLights w/Simulated Rotating Beacon-5mm

Select Beacon Color
  • High-brightness 5mm LEDs, these are the brightest 5mm LEDs I can find anywhere!  Each LED draws 20-25mA, (the strobe LEDs draw much less, and landing light LEDs only draw when they are switched "on"), so total current use is very low, around 125mA or less maximum.  Wire lengths are 30" each for Wingtip LED and Landing Light LED, 60" on Strobe LED, and all wires can be easily shortened orlengthened as needed using regular speaker or zip wire.


    Unit plugs directly into your receiver, using any spare channel, or in flap or gear  channels using a servo "Y". Deluxe NavLights feature a control board that allows all your lights to be switched on or off from the transmitter via 3 operating modes:


    Mode 1-All lights OFF
    Mode 2-Wingtip and Rotating Beacon ON
    Mode 3-All lights (Wingtip, Beacon and Landing Lights) ON


    The position of the knob or switch used to control the circuit is fully programmable, to allow proper operation if used in conjunction with flaps or retracts that are already installed.  A small jumper on the board places the circuit into the program mode, more detailed instructions are included in the instruction sheet.  This set works best if used in a proportional channel like the flap or aux channels (6-10).  The default settings that are pre-programmed in it work well for most modelers.

  • Weight:  38 grams

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